Ronak is an innovative technology
company developing and designing
unique services that strive to enrich
communities at every level.

Our Team

We’re a close team of motivated talent dedicated to making communities tighter through technology. We’re providing smart services for a bright future.

Ehsan Nouredin Moosa

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ehsan, founder and CEO of Ronak, has been developing Nested from an idea dating back to 2009. He met the other co-founders while studying at the University of Birmingham and has previously run two successful business ventures.

Farzin Nami


Since co-founding Ronak, Farzin has served as the Chairman of the Board of Nested. He develops Nested’s company strategy, manages its day-to-day operations and oversees its user experience.

Hady Moslehi

He left Ronak in fall 2016

The Nested team would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Hady Moslehi who is no longer at Nested. We'll never forget all that he contributed to making Nested what it is today.

Sina Boostani

He left Ronak in spring 2017

The Nested team would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Sina Boostani who is no longer at Nested. We'll never forget all that he contributed to making Nested what it is today.

Mohammad-Hossein Rahnama

Lead Android Developer

Mohammad-Hossein is the lead Android Developer who visualizes, develops, and adjusts Nested’s application to utilize with the Android operating system (OS).

Soroush Sharifian

Chief Financial Officer

As Ronak’s CFO and a member of Nested’s board, Soroush oversees Nested’s financial and legal status and develops its financial strategies and analysis.

Sina Hosseini

Lead Web Developer

Sina is the default point of contact for anything related to Nested’s technical matters and leads Nested’s web development team at Nested.

Saleh Naghavi

Chief Design Officer

As the CDO and Lead Designer at Nested, Saleh is always in pursuit of simplicity and optimization. He has had a key role in the UI/UX design of Nested and hopes to establish a method of design for future replication.

Samane Salehi Nik

Content Specialist

Samane writes Nested’s online and offline marketing content for the Persian-speaking users, and assists Asal in developing Nested’s marketing strategies for the Middle Eastern demographics to inform, and to engage the audience, while also promoting the product.

Pouyan Heyratpour

Lead Back-end Developer

Pouyan is in charge of building and maintaining an effective website for Nested with the platform’s feasibility and the user’s comfort in mind.

Reza Pilehvar

Junior Android Developer

Reza is the guy to go to when you have inquiries regarding the development and the maintenance of the Nested Android app. He is the right-hand person to our Lead Android Developer, helping him ensure the best possible performance, quality and responsiveness of our mobile application.

Safoora Fakhri

Graphic Designer

Safoora creates aesthetically powerful designs that engage the users with Nested’s service and communication tools. She primarily develops ideas that help Nested evolve its visual brand and compliment its social media campaigns.

Soroush Torkzadeh

Front-End Developer

Soroush is responsible for developing a profound client-side architecture and JS implementations used to create an interactive platform. He liaises with the web development team to enhance the practicality of the Nested platform.

Ali Mahmoodi

Front-End Developer

Ali has an interdisciplinary role as a front-end developer that coordinates with the content creators and the design department to provide the best user-interface and experience implementation for an enhanced user satisfaction with the platform.

Anita Ahmadzadeh

Digital Marketer

Anita takes care of analyzing Nested’s product performance in the digital sphere; she plans and executes multi-channel digital marketing campaigns for the Persian-language users. She also assists Asal and Sina in defining Nested’s marketing strategies and helping the business expand.

David Yaghoobi


David is Nested’s brand consultant, providing expertise for its brand and marketing strategy. He has previously offered his advise for international companies and has led creative teams in two of Iran’s largest advertising agencies.

Shayesteh Naeimabadi

Front-End Developer

Shayesteh works on the client-side development by producing a web application for users to interact with. She makes sure that Nested’s platform runs smoothly without bugs, and keeps an eye that the website comes up correctly regardless of the user’s browser, platform and device.

Kayvan Nouredin

Test Engineer

Kayvan examines Nested in its development phase, provides quality assurance, and makes sure that Nested meets applicable specifications. He serves as a liaison between the executive board, the web development department, the design department as well as the marketing department.

Morteza Fathollahi

Graphic Designer

Morteza creates aesthetically appealing designs that engage the users with Nested’s website and the content it produces. He primarily develops ideas that help Nested evolve its visual brand and helps Saleh in communicating Nested’s vision with the users.